We don’t aspire to meet the highest standards. We aspire to exceed them.

MAGNUM has been setting new standards in the design and construction of security products for over 30 years.


Our innovative security & safety brands are sold in almost 80 countries across the globe. Keeping our customers safe and secure when security & safety is needed the most

Best Service

Magnum offers the best sales and customer support team in the Business. Lifetime guarantee, replacement keys, combo reminder, anti-theft programs.

Online Support

If replacement keys are needed, simply contact Magnum with your key code (or register online after purchase) and replacement keys can be sent to you for a minimal fee.

Our PitBull

Series U-locks

were awarded

the highest

Sold Secure

rating of



with more than 1 million possible combinations even the most complicated master keying system can be built.

Smooth and reliable operation

thanks to precision mechanism and superior telescopic pin technology.

Bump and pick resistance

the unique V-construction makes the Magnum® Superior Series virtually pickproof.

Anti-snap secure technology

the unique patent pending technology, that provide anti snap protection on both sides of the cylinder.

Superior physical strength

hardened steel and carbide inserts protects cylinders.The MAGNUM Superior series can always rise to the challenge.

Strict key control

Magnum® Superior Series employs restricted key security levels, and key duplication is limited to the Magnum® dealers with special key cutting machine.